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Basic check-up with regular blood control: The best investment in your health!
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✓ Maintain health
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Basic check

There are thousands of diseases, but only one health. For this reason, we should not try to chase after diseases and fight them with toxic drugs, debilitating immunizations, and invasive procedures, but instead maintain our health. Because health is one of our most precious possessions, we should do everything in our power for it: eat healthy, exercise enough, strengthen our bodies, nurture our minds, and attend our medical check-up appointments. The latter, in particular, is an effective but often underestimated tool. By detecting diseases at an early stage, we can not only reduce their course but often even prevent their onset completely. Small preventive measures save us so much money on medications, time for therapies, and pain from rehabilitation. For this reason, some preventive checkups, such as dental visits, vision checks, and routine gynecological exams, are already firmly established in our daily lives. But while we go to the dentist twice a year, have our eyes checked once a year, and visit the gynecologist every six months, we still skimp on regular basic checkups. And this, although an enormous profit can be achieved with only little effort. We therefore recommend investing a little more time in your health and having your blood values checked every six months as part of a basic check-up. In the best case, you will gain not only inner peace but also many more healthy and happy years of life.

Not only for hypochondriacs: blood check is an important preventive examination.

What an enrichment for our lives it would be if we could look directly into our bodies to find out where our shoes are pinching us today. Like in the children’s series “Once upon a time… life”, we could then take a closer look at our blood cells, check our nerve impulses, and ask our phagocyte cells about their well-being. Diagnosis and therapy would thus be child’s play. Unfortunately, in reality, we cannot examine the microscopic world of our body’s interior on our own but must leave that to the specialist. With just a few milliliters of our blood, the laboratory can learn almost everything about our health: Whether we are eating healthily, whether we are suffering from inflammation, whether we are acutely ill, whether our hormone balance is in equilibrium, or whether our organs are functioning without symptoms. The laboratory analysis can do wonders here and provide us with more detailed information on many potential disturbances. These include:


With the help of a complete blood count, indications of anemia, inflammation, or infection can be found.


By determining the parameter HbA1c, a permanently elevated blood glucose level can be detected, and possible diabetes mellitus diagnosed.

Blood lipids

By controlling the levels of blood lipids cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides. can be caused by congenital lipid metabolism disorders or an unhealthy diet can be determined.


By measuring the creatinine value, restrictions in kidney function (e.g. in the case of diabetes or medication intake) can be detected at an early stage. – Liver: The GPT parameter can be used to detect liver and gallbladder diseases.

Thyroid gland

Thanks to control of the thyroid gland level TSH, hyper- and hypofunction of our largest hormone gland can be identified and treated.

The blood analysis thus acts as a direct mirror of our health, so to speak. This makes them essential for confirming the diagnosis, monitoring progress and preventing disease. By accurately mapping inflammation, infection and dysfunction, it can be used to indicate an appropriate treatment plan and confirm the success of disease therapy. Therefore, regular blood tests are of utmost importance for us, our health and well-being.

Step by step to diagnosis: from blood sampling to laboratory findings

There are various reasons for a blood test: it can be prescribed before an operation, serve to confirm a diagnosis in the case of complaints, be necessary for monitoring drug therapy or be used as a routine examination for disease prevention. Depending on the motivation, it is either ordered by a doctor or initiated on the patient’s own initiative. In both cases, the procedure is as follows: The patient makes an appointment for a blood sample to check his values. To do this, he can go to a doctor’s office, a pharmacy, a medical laboratory, or a DRK blood collection center. The blood is now drawn by the healthcare professional in the crook of the arm and sent directly to the laboratory. This analyzes all relevant values and sends the results to the attending physician. A few days later, the data can be retrieved from the patient by phone or in person. If values are conspicuous here, another doctor’s appointment should be made to discuss the reasons. In the second consultation, a further course of action is discussed, possible medication is prescribed, and follow-up checks are booked. If, on the other hand, the values are inconspicuous, you do not need to do anything further. In this case, we only recommend checking the blood values again after six months to ensure that you remain healthy and alert.

The solution is called Probatix

How does the basic blood-based check succeed without dozens of doctor visits, long travel times, and even longer waiting times? With Probatix. Thanks to this app, the checkup can be easily integrated into everyday life. Blood sampling can be arranged flexibly via smartphone at the nearest doctor’s office without spending a lot of time. Simply book an appointment online, drive to the suggested doctor near you, and be called directly to draw blood. This way you save time, money, and nerves. And so, by using preventive measures, you are not only investing in your physical health but also in your mental health through the use of Probatix. After the fixed blood collection, the samples are directly forwarded to the laboratory and analyzed. You do not have to call for the results afterward or pick them up days later in the practice, because with Probatix everything is done from a single source. Once the lab has read your blood values, they are automatically sent to your smartphone. This allows you not only to view your current blood values in seconds, but also to compare your old values anywhere and at any time. This gives you a practical overview of your results, of your health and of your medical history. Everything digital, everything historically traceable, everything easy to understand. With Probatix, the cost-benefit analysis of screening looks much more positive. Because with minimal effort you can now achieve maximum success. Invest just a few minutes of your time in semi-annual blood tests and, at best, get many more wonderful years of life added to your life. We will gladly accompany you on the way to your health.

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