Preventive blood diagnostics as a service | Advantages for physicians

Diagnostics as a Service → The next step in a digital healthcare system ✓ Relieve personnel ✓ Inspire patients ✓ Optimize processes Telemedicine is on the rise. Process optimization, staff reduction and data protection are the main goals of our healthcare system in this decade. Because if the Corona pandemic has shown one thing, it’s […]

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What is Lab 4.0?

What is Lab 4.0? The Lab 4.0 as the digital future of the laboratory. In medicine, too, we keep reading about new technical developments and digitalization interventions in various professions. So, in analogy to Industry 4.0, Lab 4.0 is now also on the cutting edge of its development and will represent the reality of lab

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Digitization in the laboratory

Digitization in the laboratory Every day, laboratory staff work with a wide variety of samples from different medical facilities, have to perform analyses, evaluate data and information, record experiments, and much more. Laboratories make a particularly valuable contribution in the natural sciences and medicine. But working with countless data and samples can quickly become confusing

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