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Health insurance companies

Offer your customers simple medically delegated blood value measurements at alternative locations. Direct laboratory, capillary blood in the pharmacy or PoC tests – according to the highest medical standards.


We believe that medical laboratory diagnostics is a crucial building block for the quality of the German healthcare system. Therefore, with Probatix, we map this process digitally, conveniently, and securely for all parties – from booking an appointment to collecting samples collection, laboratory evaluation, and providing the findings to patients and doctors.

Dr. Daniel Werner, Co-founder of Probatix

The functions of the Probatix diagnostic platform

Online commissioning by a doctor

Complete digital integration with the laboratory - from order to result

Patient goes to the direct lab with QR code

Transmission directly to the PVS

Easy billing for self-pay diagnostics with online payment

Sharing the results with other interested doctors


Over 1,500 facilities

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