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Your laboratory interface to customers

With Probatix, you connect your laboratory digitally with your doctors, pharmacies, and patients.


Your advantages

  • Integrates directly with your LIS, regardless of standard (FHIR, HL7, LDT)
  • Allows you to communicate directly with providers and patients
  • Clear dashboards and resource planning
  • Logistics module and sample tracking
  • Direct access to the Probatix ecosystem from doctors and pharmacies via uniform interfaces
  • Possibility of a white-label model for your laboratory together with doctors

Medical laboratory diagnostics represent a crucial component of the quality of the German healthcare system. While laboratory processes are mostly digital and reliably mapped via the LIMS, there are still numerous media disruptions and unnecessary manual work on the path to the patient, via doctors to the laboratory and back.

We want to change that and make it convenient, safe, and simple for all parties involved. That is why we use Probatix, to map these upstream processes digitally and via open interfaces: from booking to sample collection, laboratory order to evaluation in the laboratory, and digital transmission of findings. Therefore, Probatix serves as the “front end for laboratories”.


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can book laboratory diagnostic tests via Probatix and track their results historically in a structured and understandable format. This way, they easily gain control over their own health.

Healthcare professionals

can handle their entire laboratory diagnostics processes completely digitally and flexibly via Probatix. This saves them valuable time, ensures fewer errors in the process and results in more satisfied patients.


can easily connect their existing LIS to Probatix and be closer to their patients and senders.

Third-party systems

can easily connect to Probatix via open standards and interfaces to achieve significantly better patient care.


Of course, included

Ready to start in no time

No installation required

Self-explanatory platform with easy training and online help


100% GDPR compliant and operated exclusively by European providers


Information Security Management system certified according to ISO 27001, by TÜV Süd (Munich)


Quality Management System certified according to ISO 9001, by TÜV Süd (Munich)

As a Probatix partner, you’ll ensure a healthier population, improved preventive care, and relief for chronically ill patients.


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