What is a Laboratory Information System (LIS)?

Every day, your laboratory receives countless different samples from doctors’ offices, clinics, test centers and other medical facilities that need to be checked, evaluated and sent on.

With such a large amount of sensitive samples and data, a structured and structured and clear management in the first place. With the help of the advancing digitalization is opening up more and more opportunities to speed up and organize such essential areas of work by means of technical aids and to make them more error-free.

Laboratory information systems already enrich many laboratories and support them sustainably in all areas of work. With the help of a laboratory information system, you can sensitive data and information different samples easily and clearly store and manage.

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What is a laboratory information system?

The laboratory information system, or also called laboratory information and management system, is the generic term for a wide variety of EDP applications which are responsible for sample-oriented laboratories.

They are used for research and analysis facilities in the medical field, but also in chemical, physical and biological laboratories used. As a result, available laboratory information systems are highly individually configurableto be optimally adapted to specific workflows.

The following advantages result from these functions:

  • The supply of the laboratories with the applications they really need is ensured
  • Additional functions can be added quickly and easily if required
  • Providers only bill for modules that have actually been selected

Thus, laboratories do not have to pay for additional packages they have not chosen. The choice of modules is therefore entirely up to you. There are no accumulations due to other modules, as software solutions from one module do not appear yet another, twice in another.

Sustainable support in all areas of work

Laboratory information systems generally have 14 main functions:

  • Management of samples, parameters and measured values
  • Order management
  • Customer management with CRM functions and e-mail integration
  • Individual PDF test reports with digital signature
  • Daily list of open examinations
  • Labels / worksheets / routing slips
  • Statistics and key figures
  • Mobile working with smartphone and tablet
  • Individual access rights for all users
  • Collaboration with tasks
  • Audit trail for complete traceability
  • Storage space for files and daily backup
  • Meets the requirements of ISO 9001 / 17025 / 17020 / 15189
  • Quotation and invoicing
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Safe, fast and reliable sample management with Probatix

Would you also like more structure and order in your laboratory, save time and money and all your data at a glance managed safely? Then Probatix is the best solution for you. At Probatix, we are focused on supporting medical facility with our software.

Networking between medical facilities, which is increasingly moving into the digital realm, is our greatest concern, as we are able to recognize sources of error and want to touch up. Especially when working in a laboratory, you encounter a wide variety of samples from different medical facilities every day. It is often difficult to keep track of everything. But this has top priority, especially when dealing with personal data, and must not be compromised under any circumstances.

You can easily and flexibly connect Probatix to your already existing LIS. In this way, data is transferred completely digitally from the patient to the laboratory and from the laboratory back to the patient and the treating physician.

If you are still looking for a suitable LIS, please feel free to contact us for a free recommendation. Let LIS manage sensitive samples and trust it to find essential information safely and clearly in the software.

You too can rely on Probatix with immediate effect!

Our advantages at a glance


Easy integration of an existing LIS (via API, file upload and other possibilities)


Real-time overview of all tests and connected test facilities


Building a future-proof business model after the pandemic


Customer management for billing towards test facilities


First-class customer support and personal onboarding