Order Entry System for Laboratories

Enter and issue orders quickly, obtain structured overviews of capacities and save time in the process. Order entry systems offer you these advantages.

Especially in medicine, workflows must be fast and controlled in order to obtain required results quickly and take necessary actions. The problem: With the abundance of orders and samples you receive every day, it is often difficult to keep track of everything.

Order entry systems put an end to unwanted errors due to time pressure and reduced quality.

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What is an order entry system?

First, let’s clarify what this new development is all about and what benefits it offers your lab. An order entry system is software that enables laboratories, doctors’ offices and other medical facilities that are in contact with each other to digitize essential workflows and thus save time.

Thus, with the help of an order entry system, …

  • … Orders are accepted and issued,
  • … laboratory findings are provided and
  • … Sample materials can be viewed.

In short, an order entry system saves your laboratory a great deal of time and money and thus makes a lasting contribution to seamlessly linking work steps.

Secure transfer of personal data

Orders can be entered in the shortest possible time using an order entry system, as the software takes patient data directly from the AIS or HIS. However, the highest level of safety is guaranteed at all times.

With an order entry system, you can always be confident of data protection.

Contactless and fast information transfer between medical practices and hospitals

The rapid transmission of important information from doctors’ offices or hospitals to your laboratory is of utmost importance in your work. Long waiting times can have serious consequences and should therefore be avoided in any case. With an order entry system this is possible!

What does an order entry system offer you?

  • Immediate start-up without local installation: Order Entry systems do not require local installation, but can be used very easily thanks to the connections to AIS (physician information systems) via LDT, GDT, HL7 and PDF 417. Even in hospitals, no installation is required, HIS (hospital information systems) can easily be used via HL7 and URL call.
  • Ease of use: Your employees do not have to undergo long, complicated training to use the software without any problems. The order entry system is quick and easy to set up and only requires a short training session.

For medical practices:

  • fast and easy data acquisition
  • Order entry is learned quickly

For hospitals:

  • Easy administration for wards, outpatient clinics and external senders
  • Individual number ranges for quick and easy connections
  • clear master data maintenance, indicated by station and functional area

Probatix - further developed and expanded

At Probatix, we focus on facilitating and accelerating work processes in the medical sector. We would like to assist laboratories with our software and actively contribute to the improvement of medical workflows. Probatix is the advanced order entry system that gives you more options than traditional order entry systems.

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Our advantages at a glance

  • Fast acceptance and issuance of orders
  • Clear and structured capacity management
  • secure transmission of personal data
  • Reducing errors and increasing quality
  • Fast confirmation of courier services for sample collection
  • Commissioning without local installation
  • flexibly adjustable settings
  • uncomplicated setup

You too can benefit from the Probatix Order Entry System and digitize essential work steps, save time and costs, and make fast communication to additional medical facilities possible.

Simplify your everyday work with the Order Entry System

Do you have any questions? Then simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you with our expert knowledge.

Probatix is fully focused on actively supporting laboratories and becoming a valuable interface between medical practices, hospitals and laboratories with the help of state-of-the-art technology. 

Make barrier-free communication possible with our help!