Pharmaceutical services management at Probatix

Our all-in-one software solution Probatix can serve you not only as a platform for test and vaccination management. Now you will also be able to coordinate pharmaceutical services effectively and in a structured manner. Manage the data of your test persons easily and clearly with the help of special functions of our tool.


With the help of Probatix software you can
Expand and communicate their pharmaceutical services.

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Our software supports you from the registration to the result transmission of your offered services and thus makes the process clearer and more efficient in organization and execution. Thanks to the individual booking page, it is very easy for your test persons to book the corresponding services in a straightforward manner. You can configure the modules individually according to your ideas and set available dates. Thanks to the simple and user-friendly design, you don’t need any special expertise or a long training period and can start enjoying the benefits of the software right away. Depending on the service, you also have the option of storing individual documents. Each service has specific data fields to ensure the greatest possible clarity.

Efficient advertising for your pharmaceutical services

Thanks to the integrated pharmacy search, you can promote your services at the municipal and regional level. Your test persons have the possibility to see directly which services they can use. You remain in direct contact with your test persons.


The advantages of Probatix software for pharmaceutical services


Easy operation and use

The intuitive operation of the software allows you to start immediately and create your personal offer of pharmaceutical services, freely according to your wishes and needs. You can easily set, customize and manage the services offered and their capacity and available times. In addition, you can decide individually which data the test persons should enter when making a reservation. Then quickly and easily publish the booking page via link on your website.


Satisfied test persons

Your test persons will also benefit from the software’s ease of use. You can conveniently book the desired service and time via laptop or smartphone. Appointments can be made for an individual as well as for several people, such as family members. After booking, your subjects will receive a confirmation email and, if necessary, documents to be presented on the day of the appointment.


Efficient implementation on site

Due to the efficient organization by means of the software, the process on site is also smooth. The test persons appear at the agreed time at the specified location and can check in by means of confirmation by the staff. Barcodes and documents can be printed for personal identification. The DSGVO compliant data transfer ensures the highest security and data protection. You too can use our software for pharmaceutical services management and see the benefits for yourself. Make your offer clearer and more efficient!

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