Physician Information System (AIS)

The advance of digitalization is opening up new opportunities for shaping everyday working life. The introduction of new software can particularly Efficiency and the Increase organization. Medical practices can also benefit from such systems.

Especially in the medical field, fast, seamless work steps are important.
Long waiting timesError data , and irregular communication complicate the daily work routine.

Physician information systems (AIS) put an end to this. Physician information systems enable medical practices to share their information save and organize digitally. Thus, all information is in the same place and is also archived there.

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What is a physician information system?

Physician information systems are Industry softwarewhich sustainably support medical practices in all areas thanks to modern technology. This includes the Administration, the Operation and the Organization.

Especially in medical practices, many documents, data to be processed, certificates, referrals and much more often accumulate. Physician information systems, or AIS, help, Structure and order into the documents.

Your goal is to improve essential workflows to automate, transfer and store data securely and quickly – saving time and money. So, in general, AIS are designed to, optimize all workflows in a medical practice.

Comprehensive support in all areas

Thereby AIS cover all working areas from. The core task of an AIS is the Maintaining electronic patient records dar. These include:

  • Documentation of anamnesis, findings, diagnosis, laboratory values
  • Management of documents and low-resolution images
  • Appointment management
  • Drug management
  • Interfaces for the transfer of laboratory data from laboratory devices and external laboratories
  • Management of correspondence (fax, letters)
  • legal documentation (e.g. anesthetic list, surgery book)
  • Create billing data for billing with health insurance companies
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Some AIS also have the following services:

  • Waiting room lists
  • Daily, weekly or monthly logs
  • automated forms system
  • Cash register system with accounting
  • Secure transmission of data from doctor to doctor

Thus, AIS encompass a diverse range of tasks and processes of a medical practice. The digital revolution in the medical industry ensures that essential steps can be taken quickly and that important information is available in one place at all times.

Many medical practices have already been convinced by AIS and have been able to make significant profits from the software.


Probatix - for comprehensive support in your practice

Would you also like more structure and order in your medical practice, save time and money and all your data at a glance securely managed? Then Probatix is the best solution for you. At Probatix, we are focused on supporting medical facility with our software.

Right from the start of the Corona pandemic, we focused on creating an interface between testing centers and laboratories and to ensure and secure data transfer, enabling long-distance and secure data transfer, enable long-distance communication, and receive results in a timely manner.

Networking between medical facilities, which is increasingly moving to digital, is our greatest concern as we seek to identify and eliminate sources of error.

Probatix can be easily and flexibly connected and integrated with your existing AIS. This is an ideal way to simplify and digitize communication with laboratories and patients.

Let AIS take care of electronic patient records and trust it to find essential information securely and clearly in the software.