Retrieve lab results digitally

Digitally retrieving laboratory results is not only beneficial for patients and test persons, but also facilitates the daily routine in doctors’ offices and test centers. Patients and test persons do not have to call to find out their test results. Instead, they can access their results from the comfort of their cell phone or laptop at home.

This is possible via our myProbatix web app: receive your findings in an understandable way and traceable over time – and thus keep control of your health.

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Carrying out medical diagnostics.


Advantages of digital transmission

Currently, doctors and laboratories can already upload lab results easily and quickly, and their patients or test persons can access them via their mobile devices or computers. Inconspicuous findings are easy to understand and interpret, so there is no need for a phone call to the doctor’s office staff. The digitalized procedure not only saves time and effort for the test persons and patients, but also reduces the workload of the medical practices. Thus, some of the congestion in physician offices can be reduced.

Retrieval of other laboratory results

The function, which is currently beneficial and practical due to the pandemic, can of course also be used for other laboratory results in the future. Results from blood work or other tests can then be easily uploaded for patients. Thus, patients can familiarize themselves with their results. However, a consultation is still important for certain laboratory results, as deviations should always be correctly interpreted by specialists.

QR codes or number combinations are used to access laboratory results. Each QR code links the document to the associated patient account.

When this function is performed by medical practices and patients*, data protection guidelines must be observed. After an initial consent to the patient*s privacy policy, no further consent is required as myProbatix complies with the highest GDPR compliant privacy policies. The data of your patients or test persons are therefore transmitted in encrypted form.

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Findings query via the app

In a few steps you will get your account at myProbatix:

  1. Register at Probatix Health or log in with an existing account
  2. Follow the instructions of the app
  3. When your results are ready, you will receive an email where your results can be easily accessed