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Individual vaccination registration link

Easily embed your custom vaccination sign-up link on your website.


Access demand

The demand function provides you with a demand estimate for ordering the optimal amount of vaccines.

Current features

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QR Code & Registration Link

You can display your individual QR code directly in your pharmacy. You can immediately embed the registration link on your website. Your customers will be safely led to your registration page for the vaccination waiting list.

Registered vaccinations

In an overview you can see the registrations per day as well as the total vaccination demand. Next to that you get a contact list with the registered customers, which can be sorted and searched by date.


Expected revenue

As soon as there is an agreement on reimbursement for flu vaccinations in pharmacies, the software automatically calculates the expected turnover based on the registered vaccinations.

Future features

Email Reminder

Send your customers automated emails to remind them to book an appointment for vaccination.

Booking Management

Manage the complete process from registration and booking to documentation and billing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, Probatix’s Digital Waiting List & Vaccine Scheduling is a standalone product. An integration of the booking and process management solution is planned, as well as other useful functions around the pharmacy everyday life.

Data protection is our top priority. Your and your customers’ data is managed securely and in compliance with the German Data Protection Act (GDPR).

This function is coming soon. Please just write a short message to our customer service, until then we will take care of the deletion:

The software is under constant development. In close coordination with our customers, we will soon add new features.

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